About LEARN INSync

LEARN INSync is an acronym for Learn Innovatively at Nash Synchronously, which points to the innovative nature of this project. Using two-way audio and video technology, instructors and distant students are connected virtually in real-time, removing the barrier of location. Courses that are offered through LEARN INSync are designated with the letter “V” at the end of the section number.

Through the use of a high definition video camera, Movi software, and services from MCNC, the INSync instructors are able to seamlessly deliver high-quality instruction to students who are away from campus using live lectures, shared presentations, and instantaneous dialogue. Students who do not wish to travel to the college, or are not able, can still feel part of the community of learners as they connect to their instructor, class content, and other students using their own webcam and high speed internet connection.  INSync students benefit from the ability to contribute to class discussions, listen to class lectures live, and ask questions all from the convenience of home.

The future of the LEARN INSync project may have far reaching effects. LEARN INSync provides the college with the technology and instructional delivery mode that can reach students who would not traditionally be able to access course content and instruction due to time and place constraints.  The college can provide access to high-quality instruction in online, hybrid, and traditional courses through the cutting-edge technology used in this project.

The initial beneficiaries of the INSync project were students and faculty participating in the pilot courses. Students who attended remotely were not required to travel to campus while maintaining interaction with the instructor. Remote and traditional students also gained a unique course supplement through the recording and online cataloging of the lectures. In future iterations of INSync, Nash Community College will implement synchronous video discussions in online courses, classroom-less lecture sections, Customized Industry Training, and Emergency Services training all through this technology. This platform positions the College to respond to the growing need in diversity of not just content offerings, but the method of delivery.

The LEARN INSync project allows Nash Community College to continue its mission of providing affordable high-quality instruction. As instructors work to provide the best learning experiences for all students, it is vital that students at a distance have similar learning opportunities as the on- campus students. Often students who take online courses do not have the ability to ask questions and interact with their instructor and other classmates as immediately as face-to-face students do. By providing high-quality live/recorded video discussions and lectures using the equipment from this Instructional Innovation Award, all students will be involved in similar learning experiences. In the INSync classroom, instructional outcomes are enhanced through immediate access and interaction.

Student Technology Requirements

  • High Speed Internet (required)
  • Web Cam (required)
  • Headset with microphone (suggested)
  • Movi Software (provided by the college)

Technical Support

A Quick Start Guide can be viewed at https://www.mcnc.org/support/knowledgebase/movi/movi-quick-start-guide.

For more information about LEARN INSync at Nash Community College you may contact the Distance Education Coordinator at 252-451-8259 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .