Biotechnology - A20100

Instructional Service Agreement with Pitt Community College

The Biotechnology curriculum, which has emerged from molecular biology and chemical engineering, is designed to meet the increasing demands for skilled laboratory technicians in various fields of biological and chemical technology.

Course work emphasizes biology, chemistry, mathematics, and technical communications. The curriculum objectives are designed to prepare graduates to serve in three distinct capacities: research assistant to a biologist or chemist; laboratory technician/instrumentation technician; and quality control/quality assurance technician.

Graduates may find employment in various areas of industry and government, including research and development, manufacturing, sales, and customer service.

Biotechnology Checksheet

General Education Core (44 SHC)
*ENG 111    Writing and Inquiry
*ENG 112    Argument-Based Research
*MAT 110    Mathematical Measurement    
*MAT 171    Precalculus Algebra
*HUM/FA     Humanities/Fine Arts Core Elect. (Select one from the list below)
*SOC/BEH    Social/Behavioral Sci. Elect. (Select one from the list below)

Major Core Courses
*BIO 111    General Biology I
*BIO 112    General Biology II
CHM 132    Organic and Biochemistry
BTC 181    Basic Lab Techniques
*BIO 275    Microbiology
CHM 131    Introduction to Chemistry
CHM 131a    Introduction to Chemistry Lab
*CHM 151    General Chemistry I
*BIO 250    Genetics            
BTC 250    Principles of Genetics

Other Major Courses
*MAT 152    Statistical Methods I    
*CIS 110    Introduction to Computers

Select 15 hours from the following courses:
BTC 270    Recombinant DNA Tech
BTC 285    Cell Culture
BTC 286    Immunological Techniques
BTC 287    Advanced Molecular Techniques    
BTC 281    Bioprocess Techniques
BTC 275    Industrial Microbiology
*CHM 152    General Chemistry II    
CHM 251    Organic Chemistry I    
CHM 252    Organic Chemistry II    
BIO 280    Biotechnology        
*BIO 140    Environmental Biology    
*BIO 140A    Environmental Biology Lab
BIO 120 Introductory Botany
*MAT 172    Precalculus Trigonometry        
HOR 162    Applied Plant Science
HOR 168    Plant Propagation    
*PHY 110    Conceptual Physics
*PHY 110A Conceptual Physics Lab
*PHY 151    College Physics I
*SPA 111    Elementary Spanish I   

Other Required Courses
ACA 111 College Student Success
*ACA 122 College Transfer Success

HUM/FA Elective (Select one course)
*ART 111, *MUS 110, *PHI 240, *HUM 110, *HUM 115, *HUM 130, *HUM 120, HUM 140, *HUM 160

SOC/BEH Elective (Select one course)
*PSY 150, *SOC 210, *SOC 213, *POL 120

Total Semester Hour Credits for AAS Degree 65-67

*Classes offered at Nash Community College

Degree granted from Pitt Community College

See the 2013-2014 Academic Catalog for more information about electives.

Students enrolled full-time and making satisfactory progress should complete this program in five semesters. Additional time may be needed to achieve minimum requirements in English, math or science.

The Biotechnology program has established collaborative agreements with surrounding area community colleges. These agreements allow students to take a majority of their courses at their area community college and the remaining courses at Pitt Community College. Pitt Community College will award the Biotechnology degree.