Computer Engineering Technology - A40160

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in electronics technology, computer service, computer networks, server maintenance, programming, and other areas requiring a knowledge of electronic and computer systems. Graduates may also qualify for certification in electronics, computers, or networks.

Develop Your Skills In:

  • Electronics
  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Programming
  • Networking
  • Network Administration
  • Wireless Technology

Reasons you should consider Computer Engineering Technology:

  1. It is projected that employment for computer engineers will increase by 43% in the years 2004-2014.
  2. Employers of computer engineers range from startup companies to established industry leaders.
  3. Computer Engineering Technology students are being employed by several area companies.

Download the Computer Engineering Technology Checksheet

Course Requirements

General Education
COM 110 Intro. to Communication
COM 231 Public Speaking
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry
MAT121 Algebra/Trigonometry I
HUM/FA Elective
SOC/BEH Elective

Technical Core Courses
ELC 131 Circuit Analysis I
ELN 131 Analog Electronics I
ELN 133 Digital Electronics

Program Major Courses
CET 111 Computer Upgrade/Repair I
CET 211 Computer Upgrade/Repair II
CSC 151 Java Programming
ELC 235 Data Communication Sys.

Other Major Courses
CET 222 Computer Architecture
CET 251 Software Eng. Principles
CET 293 Selected Topic Seminar
CSC 143 Object-Oriented Prog.
CSC 251 Adv. Java Programming
EGR 125 Appl Software for Tech
ELC 131A Circuit Analysis I Lab
ELN 232 Intro. to Microprocessors
ELN 237 Local Area Networks
ELN 238 Advanced LANs
MAT 122 Algebra/Trigonometry II
MAT 172 Precalculus Trigonometry
TNE 241 Network Management

Other Required Courses
ACA 122 College Transfer Success

Total Hours for Graduation 75

Career Outlook

According to, the median salary for someone working in the Rocky Mount Area is:

PC Maintenance Technician I - $37, 542
PC Maintenance Technician II - $46,001
PC Maintenance Technician III - $49,814
Network Administrator - $41,993
Network Administrator II-  $50,172
Network Administrator IV - $65,719
Electrical/Electronics Tech I - $33,542
Electrical/Electronics Tech II - $38,812
Electrical/Electronics Tech III -  $48,972