English as a Second Language

Adults with limited and non-English proficiency are served at Nash Community College through the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. The main purpose of the ESL program is to assist with the developmental education and communicative goals of students by responding to their diverse needs of multicultural and multilingual educational learning experiences.

Instructional activities for limited and non-English speaking adults include the development of basic skills in listening, speaking, writing, reading and comprehending the English language, as well as cultural transition skills to the American society. The ESL program is open-entry/open-exit providing instruction at the pre-literate through advanced levels. Students receive academic placement according to their literacy skills with regard to the English language. Preregistration is required for enrollment in the English as a Second Language program.




New students may register for ESL classes on Wednesday evenings at

Nash Community College

Building B, Learning Center



Registration for ESL classes

continues throughout the semester. The Learning Center is

located in Building B at Nash Community College (NCC). These

classes are offered to individuals who want to improve their

verbal and written English skills. Classes are offered at NO

COST in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

 For more

information, call at 252-451-8229.


La inscripción de estudiantes nuevos se realiza todos los Miércoles en:

Nash Community College

Edificio B, Learning Center



Inglés Como Segundo Idioma.

Todos los estudiantes nuevos pueden registrarse los días

miércoles a las 6:00 p.m. de la tarde en el Learning Center que

esta ubicado en el edificio B de Nash Community College.

Estas clases de Segundo idioma son ideales para todas aquellas

personas que desean aprender o mejorar sus habilidades de

comunicación tanto verbal como escrita en Ingles. Estas clases

se ofrecen de forma gratuita en diferentes niveles: Básico,

Intermedio y Avanzado.

Si necesita información adicional

por favor llame a Aida Solórzano, Coordinadora ESL

al 252-451-8229.