Distance and e-Learning Education Course Requirements

Every Distance and e-Learning Education student should have access to a computer and high-speed internet access. Nash Community College provides access to computers on campus in our Library, however availability is limited.

Distance and e-Learning Education courses require students to complete online assignments and quizzes, and to communicate with your instructor via Moodle messaging and Student Email.

Moodle is the primary course management system used to facilitate Distance and e-Learning Education courses at Nash Community College. However, every curriculum course at Nash Community College receives a Moodle course shell. In addition, every enrolled curriculum student will receive Moodle login credentials. Login instructions are provided at moodle.nashcc.edu. For security purposes, sharing your student login credentials is prohibited.

For your convenience, Nash Community College requires all faculty members to make their contact information, and course syllabus available in Moodle. Traditional course faculty may additionally choose to utilize Moodle to include supplemental handouts and resources, grades, and assignment submission links. Other forms of supplemental online instruction may be used in addition to Moodle. Students are encouraged to have access to the Internet as a supplemental part of every Nash Community College course.

Internet Browser Requirements for Moodle:

For best results and to avoid technical difficulties, please use Mozilla Firefox 4 or later, or Google Chrome. Internet Explorer (IE) is NOT a recommended browser.