Culinary Arts - A55150

The Culinary Arts curriculum provides specific training required to prepare students to assume positions as trained culinary professionals in a variety of food service settings including full service restaurants, hotels, resorts, clubs, catering operations, contract food service, and health care facilities. Course offerings emphasize practical application, a strong theoretical knowledge base and professionalism and provides the critical competencies to successfully meet industry demands. Courses also include sanitation, food/beverage service and control, baking, garde manger, American/International cuisines, food production, and hospitality supervision. Graduates should qualify for entry-level positions such as line cook, station chef, and assistant pastry chef. With experience, graduates may advance to positions such as sous-chef, executive chef, or food service manager. For students interested in a four-year degree, our program is proud to have an articulation agreement with Johnson and Wales University.

Click here for a suggested sequence of courses by semester: Culinary Arts A55150 Checksheet

General Education
COM 110 Introduction to Communication
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry
HUM/FA Humanities/Fine Arts Elective
MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy
PSY 150 General Psychology

Major Core Courses
CUL 110 Sanitation and Safety
CUL 112 Nutrition for Food Service
CUL 120 Purchasing
CUL 135 Food and Beverage Service
CUL 140 Culinary Skills I
CUL 160 Baking I
CUL 170 Garde Manger I
CUL 240 Culinary Skills II
HRM 245 Human Resource Management - Hospitality
WBL 131 Work Based Learning III
WBL 211 Work Based Learning IV

Other Major Courses
CUL 120A Purchasing Lab
CUL 130 Menu Design
CUL 135A Food and Beverage Service Lab
CUL 230 Global Cuisines
CUL 250 Classical Cuisine
CUL 260 Baking II
CUL 270 Garde Manger II
HRM 110 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism
HRM 220 Cost Control - Food & Beverage  

Other Required Courses
ACA 122 College Transfer Success
CIS 110 Introduction to Computers
HOR 245 Horticulture Specialty Crops

Total Semester Hour Credits for AAS Degree 75

Culinary Arts A55150 Checksheet

For more information on the Culinary curriculum, contact:

Chef Don Sexauer

Chef Don Sexauer
Culinary Instructor
Phone: (252) 451-8362
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Carlos Quagliaroli

Chef Carlos Quagliaroli
Culinary Instructor
Phone: (252) 451-8366
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.