Dental Hygiene - A45260

Instructional Service Agreement with Halifax Community College

Curriculum Description

The Dental Hygiene curriculum provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate dental hygiene care for the individual and the community.

Students will learn to prepare the operatory, take patient histories, note abnormalities, plan care, teach oral hygiene, clean teeth, take x-rays, apply preventive agents, complete necessary chart entries, and perform other procedures related to dental hygiene care.

Employment opportunities include dental offices, clinics, schools, public health agencies, industry, and professional education.

Dental Hygiene Checksheet

Program Courses:

BIO 168         Anatomy & Physiology I                                             

BIO 169         Anatomy & Physiology II        

*BIO 175       General Microbiology                        

CHM 130        General, Organic & Biochemistry

CHM 130A      Lab                                         

ENG 111        Expository Writing                 

ENG 114        Prof. Research & Reporting   

PSY 150         General Psychology               

*SOC 240       Social Psychology                   

HUM/FA          Humanities/Fine Art Elective 

Major Core Courses and Hour Requirements offered at Halifax Community College:

*DEN 110        Orofacial Anatomy                

*DEN 111        Infection/Hazard Control       

*DEN 112        Dental Radiography               

*DEN 120        Dental Hyg Preclinic Lec        

*DEN 121        Dental Hygiene Preclin Lab   

*DEN 123        Nutrition/Dental Health         

*DEN 124        Periodontology                       

*DEN 130        Dental Hygiene Theory I                    

*DEN 131        Dental Hygiene Clinic I          

*DEN 140        Dental Hygiene Theory II       

*DEN 141        Dental Hygiene Clinic II         

*DEN 220        Dental Hygiene Theory III      

*DEN 221        Dental Hygiene Clinic III        

*DEN 222        General & Oral Pathology     

*DEN 223        Dental Pharmacology            

*DEN 224        Materials and Procedures     

*DEN 230        Dental Hygiene Theory IV      

*DEN 231        Dental Hygiene Clinic IV        

*DEN 232        Community Dental Health     

*DEN 233        Professional Development     


<*Courses with an asterisk (*) are not offered at Nash Community College and must be taken at Halifax CC.

Humanities Electives

ART      111      Art Appreciation                                             HUM    160      Introduction to Film

ENG     233      Major American Writers                                MUS    110      Music Appreciation

ENG     243      Major British Writers                                     MUS    210      History of Rock Music

HUM    115      Critical Thinking                                              REL      110      World Religions

HUM    120      Cultural Studies                                               REL      211      Introduction to Old Testament

HUM    122      Southern Culture                                             REL      212      Introduction to New Testament

HUM    150      American Women’s Studies

Important Information from Halifax Community College

The HCC Dental Hygiene Program is an ADA Accredited Program

The ADA has a uniform curriculum with similar learning experiences, admission and graduation standards. Graduates of the associate degree dental hygiene program will receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Dental Hygiene from Halifax Community College. Graduates of this program may be eligible to take national and state/regional examinations for licensure which are required to practice dental hygiene.

Admission Policy
Admission for Associate Degree dental hygiene student:
Students are admitted to the Halifax Community College dental hygiene program in accordance with recommendations by the American Dental Association (ADA) Commission on Dental Accreditation. The college does not guarantee admission to every student who seeks admission. Completion of the dental hygiene curriculum does not guarantee success in passing the licensure exam.

A dental hygiene student must be admitted to the dental hygiene program in order to take courses for credit in any dental hygiene (DEN) course.

Application Process
1. Submit a completed Halifax Community College application
Applications may be obtained on campus at the admissions office or online at Transcripts from high schools and/or other colleges or universities that you have attended must be submitted with the application. Only official transcripts will be accepted by HCC in a sealed envelope. Transcripts for courses taken at HCC do not have to be requested. On the application, indicate your chosen program of study by putting a check in the box beside Dental Hygiene A45260. A signed copy of social security card is required for application to be considered complete.

2. Complete requirements for DRE 098, DMA 010 through DMA 050 or the equivalent course with a C or better.

Students without credit for college courses should call the testing coordinator at Halifax Community College at 252-536-7254 to schedule an appointment for testing.

(Nash Community College testing is available Monday – Thursday, 9:00am to 4:00pm with no appointment necessary.  Please be prepared to submit a transfer of placement scores request in WebAdvisor to send to Halifax).

If placement tests (ASSET, COMPASS, ACCUPLACER) have been taken at another community college, it is the students’ responsibility to ensure their scores are submitted to HCC by the application deadline.

Minimum ACCUPLACER Scores Required for the Dental Hygiene Program:

Subject Area                            Minimum Score                                  Course Required If Minimum Score Not Met

Reading & Sent. Skls               Combined score of 166 or take          DRE 098

Arithmetic                              Score of 55 or take                             *MAT060 (DMA 010-030)

Elementary Algebra:               Score of 55 or take                             *MAT070 (DMA 040-050)

*DMA’s 10 through 50 are equivalent to MAT060 and MAT 070

3. Have coursework evaluated for transfer into the HCC dental hygiene program. It is advantageous (but not required) to take general education courses that are part of the dental hygiene course sequence prior to enrollment in the dental hygiene program. The general education courses marked with an asterisk (*) listed below must have been taken no earlier than 5 years prior to enrollment in the dental hygiene program.

General Education Courses:

*BIO 168         Anatomy and Physiology I       ENG 111         Expository Writing

*BIO 169         Anatomy and Physiology II       ENG 114         Professional Research/ Reporting

BIO 175           Microbiology                            HUM               Humanities/Fine Arts electives

*CHM 130       Gen., Organic, & Biochem      CIS 113           Computer Basics

SOC 240          Social Psychology

The possible transfer or substitution of General Education Courses must be evaluated by the Registrar’s Office. Call 252-536-7227 for information regarding transcript evaluation and credit transfer.

4. Submit a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) at the silver level or above.
The CRC is available through HCC’s Continuing Education department. Students are tested in three areas: applied mathematics, reading for information, and locating information. A silver certificate indicates a score of four or better on each of the three test areas. Students may complete the certification testing at any time, and may remediate and re-test on any or all areas of the test. The cost for testing is $30 initially to complete all parts of the test, then $10 for any portion of the test that must be re-taken. Scores of 5 or better in all areas (gold certificate) or six or better in all areas (platinum certificate) will increase the overall points in the ranking process. The CRC test may be taken at any North Carolina college offering the test, but a copy of the certificate, with the certification number, must be submitted to the HCC admissions’ department by the deadline. To take the CRC at Halifax Community College, call 252-536-6393.

(If done through Nash Community College, Contact Charlene Harrison, 451-8389)

5. Provide evidence of an overall GPA of 2.5 at time of entry.

6. Attend a Halifax Community College dental hygiene information session

Nash Community College hosts one of these annually in the Fall semester.  See a counselor for details.

7. Submit one of the following documents:
- Dental assisting experience documentation

- Dental office observation documentation (four to six hours)

- Documentation of current enrollment in an ADA accredited dental assisting program

8. An additional allied health application for admission to the HCC dental hygiene program must be submitted. This application will be distributed at the dental hygiene program information sessions.

Upon Acceptance
Upon acceptance into the dental hygiene program, the student must:

- Submit a completed physical examination form

- Provide evidence that the Hepatitis B series has been started or provide a signed declination form.

- Submit evidence of current CPR certification for health care provider

- Attend mandatory dental hygiene orientation

To obtain a complete information packet call 252-536-7225.

Nash Community College Transfer Information

Students desiring to transfer and apply to the dental hygiene program at Halifax Community College must fulfill the requirements above by the application deadline in February.  To be eligible to gain one of Nash’s two seats in the program, student must notify the NCC Admissions department well in advance of the deadline.

Nash Community College Approved Substitutions & Course Information

  • Nash can substitute PSY 150 & SOC 210 together to take the place of SOC 240.
  • At NCC, BIO 168 has a prereq of BIO 094 or BIO 110 or BIO 111 or BIO 161 or BIO 163.  BIO 094 has a corequisite of DRE 097.  BIO 111 has a prerequisite of DRE 097.  Taking BIO 110/111/163 will allow the student to take BIO 175 earlier – otherwise, BIO 094 is the best in preparing for BIO 168.
  • At NCC, CHM 130 has to be taken with CHM 130A.
  • For questions about classes offered at Nash Community College, please contact:

    • Lindsay Stokes, Director of Counseling and Disability Services
      242-451-8361,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Office 2001, Bldg. A

    • Sonya Small, Counselor, Career and Job Placement Coordinator
      (252) 451-8261,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Office 2002, Bldg. A

    • Yalana Orr, Counselor / Recruiter
      (252) 451-8394,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Office 2007, Bldg. A

For questions about classes offered at Halifax Community College, please contact:

Verna High, Dental Hygiene Instructor, Program Head
252-538-4306   –   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   -  Office B127 at Halifax CC