Dental Hygiene - A45260

Instructional Service Agreement with Halifax Community College

The Dental Hygiene curriculum provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to access, plan, implement, and evaluate dental hygiene care for the individual and the community. Students will learn to prepare the operatory, take patient histories, note abnormalities, plan care, teach oral hygiene, clean teeth, take x-rays, apply preventive agents, complete necessary chart entries, and perform other procedures related to dental hygiene care. Graduates of this program may be eligible to take national and state/regional examinations for licensure which are required to practice dental hygiene.

Employment opportunities include dental offices, clinics, schools, public health agencies, industry,and professional education.

Achievement of competence in the following basic skills courses must be met:

  • Students taking CHM 130 at Nash are also required to take CHM 130A (lab).
  • A local prerequisite of BIO 094, BIO 110, BIO 111, BIO 161, or BIO 163 is required at Nash before taking BIO 168.
  • Reading Level – 12
  • Reading and Writing Skills – RED 090 or DRE 097
  • Math Skills – MAT 070 or DMA 050
  • PSY 150 and SOC 210 can be taken to substitute SOC 240

Dental Hygiene Checksheet

General Education
*BIO 169 Anatomy and Physiology II
CHM 130 Gen, Org, & Biochemistry
*ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry
*ENG 114 Prof. Research and Reporting
*HUM/FA Humanities/Fine Arts Core Elec.
SOC 240 Social Psychology

Major Core Courses
*BIO 168 Anatomy and Physiology I
*BIO 175 General Microbiology
DEN 110 Orofacial Anatomy
DEN 111 Infection/Hazard Control
DEN 112 Dental Radiography
DEN 120 Dental Hyg Preclinic Lec
DEN 121 Dental Hygiene Preclin Lab
DEN 123 Nutrition/Dental Health
DEN 124 Periodontology
DEN 130 Dental Hygiene Theory I
DEN 131 Dental Hygiene Clinic I
DEN 140 Dental Hygiene Theory II
DEN 141 Dental Hygiene Clinic II
DEN 220 Dental Hygiene Theory III
DEN 221 Dental Hygiene Clinic III
DEN 222 General & Oral Pathology
DEN 223 Dental Pharmacology
DEN 224 Materials and Procedures
DEN 230 Dental Hygiene Theory IV
DEN 231 Dental Hygiene Clinic IV
DEN 232 Community Dental Health
DEN 233 Professional Development

Other Major Courses
DEN 125 Dental Office Emergencies

Total Semester Hour Credits for AAS Degree 73

*Courses offered at Nash Community College

Degree granted from Halifax Community College