Students in the EL/Civics course studied a two-pronged course outline.  Every class was split between two different subjects; module work and Civics instruction.  During the first semester students learned Basic Computer Skills in addition to US Civics information.  They learned how to use a computer, the internet and Microsoft Word.  For the second semester, the module focus has been on developing work skills, using the Integrating Career Awareness (ICA) curriculum.  Students have learned to identify their own work skills and define short and long term goals for themselves.  One completed project by students integrating both their new computer skills and their career awareness skills was the completion of their own resumes.



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Students practiced reading children's books aloud, to improve fluency and give them confidence to read with their children.

The EL/Civics and ESL departments worked to design and decorate a book celebrating Literacy Month at the Rocky Mount Fair.  Our booth won a first place ribbon!

Contextualized learning is a key aspect of the EL/Civics curriculum, one class learned food names and cooking terms, then applied the new terminology by following recipes and cooking for the class.

In the higher level course, many students identified a desire to become business owners, so we invited Fred Brooks from the Small Business Center to come speak to the class about what it takes to start a business.

Lesson Plans

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Success Stories
"I went to my daughter's doctors appointment, and for the first time, my daughter didn't interpret for me.  The doctor even remarked at how good my English was." -Raquel
"I have worked for the same company for 5 years, every year I've only received a $.05 raise in my paycheck.  For my last review I received a $.30 raise, and my boss said it was because of how much my English has improved.  I even feel comfortable helping the customers on the floor now."-Rosa
"I just received my permanent residency."-Sandra
"My company is talking about opening another location, so they want me to go to school.  I just enrolled in an online accounting class at Nash Community College."-YuChen
"I went to my first parent-teacher conference, where they told me my son was named 'student of the month'"-Ana
"I'm sorry I can not attend classes anymore, but I have been offered a full-time job.  Since winning the green-card lottery and coming to the United States this has been my dream.  I will miss you and the class." -Artiem
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