Healthcare Management Technology - A25200

Instructional Service Agreement with Pitt Community College

The Healthcare Management Technology (HMT) curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment in healthcare business and financial operations. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the application of management principles to the healthcare environment.

The curriculum places emphasis on planning, organizing, directing, and controlling tasks related to healthcare organizational objectives including the legal and ethical environment of the healthcare industry; integration of team building skills, critical analysis of financial operations associated with third-party billing and reimbursement; and database management. Emphasis is placed on the development of effective supervisory skills.

The Healthcare Management Technology program is designed to teach students the business of healthcare and consists of both traditional and nontraditional students. Our nontraditional students include both administrative and clinical-oriented people. The clinical students, ex. nurses, and lab technicians have entered the program so that they can learn the business and management side of healthcare. The knowledge obtained in the HMT program will allow the nontraditional students, who are already working in healthcare facilities, to advance into supervisory or management positions. The traditional student will obtain both knowledge in the classroom as well as experience through the field training portion of the program which will allow them to be more marketable upon graduation.

Click here for a suggested sequence of courses by semester: Heathcare Management Checksheet

General Education
*COM 120 Introduction to Interpersonal Comm.
*COM 231 Public Speaking
*ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry
ENG 112 Argument-Based Research
*ENG 113 Literature-Based Research
*ENG 114 Professional Research & Reporting
*HUM 115 Critical Thinking
*MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy
*SOC 213 Sociology of the Family
*PSY 150 General Psychology

Major Core Courses
*ACC 120 Principles of Financial Accounting
*ACC 121 Principles of Managerial Accounting
HMT 110 Introduction to Healthcare Management
HMT 210 Medical Insurance
HMT 211 Long-term Care Administration
HMT 220 Healthcare Financial Management
MED 118 Medical Law and Ethics
*OST 149 Medical Legal Issues
MED 121 Medical Terminology I
MED 122 Medical Terminology II
*OST 141 Medical Terms I
*OST 142 Medical Terms II

Other Major Courses
*ACC 140 Payroll Accounting
*ACC 150 Accounting Software Application
*BUS 110 Introduction to Business
BUS 121 Business Math
*MAT 155 Statistical Analysis
BUS 153 Human Resource Management
*CIS 110 Introduction to Computers
CIS 111 Basic PC Literacy
OST 137 Office Software Applications
*WBL 112 Work Based Learning I
*CTS 130 Spreadsheet
HMT 212 Mgmt. of Healthcare Organizations
HMT 225 Practice Management Simulation
*SPA 120 Spanish for the Workplace

Other Required Course
*ACA 115 Success and Study Skills
*ACA 118 College Study Skills
*ACA 122 College Transfer Success
COE 110 World of Work

Total Semester Hour Credits for AAS Degree 76-78

*Course offered at Nash Community College
Degree granted from Pitt Community College


For more information on the Healthcare Management curriculum, contact:

Michael Coleman
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