Department of Health Sciences

Nicole Lawrence Nicole Lawrence
Health Sciences Admissions Coordinator

For information about a Health Sciences Program, click on a link below or contact:
Nicole Lawrence, Health Sciences Admissions Coordinator
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Office Phone: 252-451-8390
Office Location: Building B, 2130 

The Health Sciences Department is designed to prepare students for certification, licensure, or registration by examination. Professional program accreditation applies to specific Health Sciences programs and is awarded by the accrediting group of the particular professional organization. Completion of an approved educational program is required for several of the Health Sciences programs in order for the graduates of the programs to be eligible to apply to take the required examinations.

High school graduation or its equivalent is required for admission to most Health Science programs. The programs within the NCC Health Sciences department include:

Degree Programs

Diploma Programs

Certificate Programs

RN to BSN Programs

*Denotes Collaborative Agreements