Need a Job?

Students and past graduates looking for employment through Nash Community College can do so in a number of ways.


First, Nash Community College utilizes a service called EmployMeNCC, a job search engine where student and past graduates can review job postings from employers around the state. This service is also available to employers who can post their jobs free. To find out more, or to register a free account, visit

Resume Help or Interview Assistance

Nash Community College currently has two ways to help job seekers with resume help or interview assistance. First, students may attend one of our free seminars offered every year in conjunction with the continuing education department. Watch the campus calendar for upcoming seminars or go to—select the “Continuing Education” tab, then click “Employability Training”.

The second way is by utilizing the free career services offered through the College Foundation of North Carolina ( By creating a free account, job seekers can create and manage their resumes as well as access tips and get expert advice on the latest resume trends. Additionally, the website offers great interview advice and questions for job seekers to practice. Click the CFNC logo above, or visit

Job Fairs

Nash Community College annually holds a Job Fair where job seekers have the opportunity to meet employers face-to-face. Our job fairs include a number of businesses from every employment sector including: healthcare, education, public and human services, government, industry, engineering, manufacturing, employment staffing, retail, foodservice, and more! Last year’s job fair included over 55 businesses offering hundreds of jobs to the seekers in attendance. Keep an eye on the college calendar for dates and times (usually held towards the end of April).
To visit our official job fair page for more information, click the picture above, or visit

*Message to Employers*
Employers desiring more information about attending a Nash Community College Job Fair, please click the link below to fill out an information form.
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Other Job Resources

Other Employment Websites & Resources Link

Click the heading above to see a list of the many other employment websites that show positions available. While not the official job search engines of Nash Community, each site offers a wide variety of possibilities.