Web Technologies - A25290

This program will prepare you for a career in the information technology field using computers and distributed computing to disseminate and collect information via the Web.

Course work in this program covers the terminology and use of computers, network devices, networks, servers, databases, applications, programming languages, as well as Web applications, site development and design. Studies will provide opportunity for students to learn related industry standards.

Career Opportunities

Successful completion of this program will provide career opportunities as a designer, administrator or developer in the areas of Web applications, Websites, Web services, and related areas of distributed computing.

Vendor Certifications

Coursework for this program will help you prepare for the following vendor certifications:

  • IC3 (Internet and Computer Core) Certification,
  • MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist)
  • CIW (Certified Internet Webmaster)
  • Network+ Exam
  • Security+ Exam

To prepare for the IC3 (Internet and Computing Core) Certification, take the following courses:

  • CIS 110 Introduction to Computers
  • WEB 110 Internet / Web Fundamentals
  • NOS 110 Operating Systems Concepts
  • CTS 120 Hardware / Software Support

To prepare for the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist – Access) Certification, take the following course:

  • DBA 110 Database Concepts

To prepare for the CIW Web Foundations Associate Certification, take the following course:

  • WEB 110 Internet / Web Fundamentals
  • WEB 210 Web Design
  • WEB 115 Web Markup and Scripting
  • NET 110 Networking Concepts
  • NOS 110 Operating Systems Concepts

Please see the 2013-2014 Academic Catalog for information on which courses to take to prepare for an exam.


See the suggested course sequence below or look at the Web Technologies degree checksheet.

General Education Courses
COM 110 Introduction to Communication
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry
HUM 115 Critical Thinking
MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy
PSY 150 General Psychology

Major Core Courses
CIS 115 Intro. to Programming & Logic
CTS 115 Info Systems Business Concepts
DBA 110 Database Concepts
NET 110 Networking Concepts
WEB 110 Internet/Web Fundamentals
WEB 115 Web Markup and Scripting
WEB 140 Web Development Tools
WEB 210 Web Design
WEB 250 Database Driven Web sites

Other Major Courses
CIS 110 Intro to Computers
CSC 139 Visual BASIC Programming
CSC 239 Advanced Visual BASIC Programming
DBA 115 Database Applications
NOS 110 Operating System Concepts
SEC 110 Security Concepts
WBL 111 Work Based Learning I
WEB 111 Introduction to Web Graphics
WEB 120 Intro. to Internet Multimedia
WEB 230 Implementing Web Ser
WEB 287 Web E-Portfolio

Other Required Courses
ACA 122 College Transfer Success 

Total Semester Hour Credits for AAS Degree 73

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