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Message from the President

“NCC prepares students for meaningful careers…”

Message from the President

This year marks fifty years that your College has been serving our region. Determined community leaders forged ahead and laid the groundwork for Nash Technical Institute. This was a time when some technical institutes drew opposition from other colleges, skeptics, and nay sayers. I can recall being told “war stories” by early presidents who had to overcome huge obstacles to get community colleges operational. Memories fade and most people have forgotten that Nash Technical Institute began at Benvenue High School and later in the old Stoney Creek building with its leaky roof. These humble beginnings make us appreciative of where we are today.

The North Carolina Community College System roots were fraught with struggles of inadequate facilities, competition for funding and political agendas. After all that Community colleges had to overcome, the stigma they were not capable of offering quality higher education degree options.

NCC’s mission was grounded in technical programs then, and continues that commitment today. Who would have believed that Nash would grow to offer nearly 100 degrees, graduating approximately 600 students annually and while serving over 12,000 citizens.

Nash Community College has a rich history and I am honored in being a part of a legacy that has helped create an environment where students can experience rewarding careers and lifelong success. The College has seen expanded facilities and enrollment and now welcomes a new period of continued growth and related challenges. However, we have a lot to be proud of; the past and present leadership, faculty, staff, students, and the many friends who made a dream a reality.

Five decades of support has allowed Nash Community College to serve as a proud steward of the open door. I know this part of North Carolina is more productive, informed, and economically viable due to our graduates.

Thank you for choosing Nash Community College.


William S. Carver, II, Ed.D.