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College Transfer

College Transfer curriculum is designed for students who intend to transfer to a senior college for their baccalaureate degree.

Freshman and sophomore level courses introduce students to areas of study that develop breadth of outlook and contribute to balanced development. This training is complementary to, but different in emphasis from, the specialized training one receives for a job, a profession, or a major in a particular field of study.

The curriculum includes courses in communications, humanities and fine arts, mathematics, science, social sciences, physical education, and elective courses in liberal arts. These courses in the College Transfer Program assist students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the political, social, economic and cultural institutions in our society; to develop the ability for critical and constructive thinking, for problem solving, and ordering of values; to maintain good mental and physical health for self, family, and community, and balanced personal and social adjustment; to use basic mechanical, mathematical, and communication skills to solve everyday problems, understand ideas of others, and express ideas effectively; to understand their cultural heritage; to understand the creative activities of others; and to encourage participation in creative activities.

Upon successful completion of the degree requirements, students are awarded the Associate in Arts, Associate in Engineering, or Associate in Science degree.

How to Order a Transcript?

CFNC Transfer Student Planner

The College Foundation of North Carolina provides a Transfer Student Planner to help students learn about and plan for opportunities for transfer between North Carolina’s colleges and universities.

Plus (click or tap to expand) + Engineering Pathways

Engineering Pathways is a joint project of the North Carolina Community College System and the University of North Carolina engineering programs to build and develop the pathways for students to begin engineering studies at a community college and then transfer as seamlessly as possible to one of the UNC engineering programs.

For more information, please visit


Plus (click or tap to expand) + RN to BSN

Barton College, in partnership with Nash Community College (NCC), offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing where students can transfer seamlessly to Barton College to complete their degree upon receiving an Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) degree.

Students who enter NCC after spring 2015 should follow the progression degree plan outlined by the Uniform Articulation Agreement between North Carolina Community Colleges and the constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina (February 2015). Barton College will honor the terms of the uniform articulation agreement by agreeing to follow the procedures governing transfer of ADN degree credits (A.3). Students who follow the progression degree plan for the Associate in General Education (AGE) -BSN (A10300BSN) at Nash Community College and earn the ADN will have fulfilled Barton College’s lower-division general education requirements as well as nursing program entry requirements. Students must complete blocks 1-4 of the uniform articulation agreement prior to transferring to Barton College (the AGE-BSN degree at Nash Community College meets the uniform articulation agreement blocks 1-4).

Failure to follow the RN-BSN progression degree plan at the community college will result in a course-by-course transfer of credit which will likely result in an increase in the time to degree completion.


Plus (click or tap to expand) + 2+ Wesleyan Program

Adult and Professional Student 2+ Wesleyan Program

North Carolina Wesleyan College’s Adult and Professional Student (ASPIRE) program is comprised of nonresidential baccalaureate degree programs allowing women and men to tailor degree work to meet personal, career, and life goals. Adult learners have the option of maintaining full-time or part-time course loads offered as 8-week, hybrid, and online classes. Credit can also be earned through alternative testing options such as CLEP and DSST. NC Wesleyan offers a tuition break for graduates of NCC by benchmarking NC Wesleyan’s tuition against tuition rates at public universities in North Carolina. Degrees offered through Adult Studies include: Accounting, Business, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, Psychology, Marketing, Organizational Administration, Religious Studies. For more information, contact Doretha Chichester at at (252) 985-5137 or Katherine Wilder at (252) 985-5206.

Traditional Day Programs Options

North Carolina Wesleyan College offers majors in traditional liberal arts disciplines (such as English and Religious Studies), as well as majors in professional studies (i.e., Criminal Justice and Business Administration). NC Wesleyan offers 28 undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. A solid liberal arts foundation supports any major you choose and will prepare you for enlightened civic engagement, lifelong learning, and critical thinking skills needed for today’s workplace. The Honors Program offers a select group of high-achieving students the opportunity to add variety and depth to their college experience at North Carolina Wesleyan. Study Abroad programs provide students with the opportunity for comprehensive semester-long or summer study abroad in major European cities.

NC Wesleyan College offers competitive transfer scholarships for qualified NCC students, as well as the 2+ Wesleyan Program.

For more information, contact Dr. Angela M. Foster, Transfer Admissions Counselor at, (252) 985-5282 or (252) 943-5081.


Plus (click or tap to expand) + East Carolina University Partnership Teach

Provides opportunities for students to complete bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Middle Grades Education at Nash Community College. Students take specific courses from the college transfer program before transferring to East Carolina University as juniors. Junior and senior level coursework from ECU is offered through part-time enrollment in distance education courses offered online and/or at night at Nash Community College.

If you are interested in completing your teaching degree without leaving Rocky Mount, East Carolina University offers several options including:

- Elementary Education - Full-time, Online
- Elementary Education - Part-time, Online
- Special Education - Part-time, online
- Middle Grades Education - Part-time, online

Contact Kathy Bradley for more information including a checklist of required courses, information about prerequisites, and application deadlines.


Plus (click or tap to expand) + East Carolina University Pirate Promise

East Carolina University extends an invitation for Nash Community College students who are enrolled full-time in associate degree programs to participate in Pirate Promise. Pirate Promise is the starting point for full-time community college students to attend special events, get advising and have support as you transfer to ECU. Read more and apply.



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