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Payment Information

Students have several options when making tuition and fee payments.

Three Ways To Pay

  1. Complete Financial Aid and Receive an Award Letter (Grants, Loans, Scholarships).
  2. Complete an NCC Payment Plan.
  3. Pay in full on WebAdvisor or at the cashier’s window in the Business and Industry Center during normal business hours.

Click here for information about NCC’s tuition payment plan option.

Federal Cash Management Rules

Under the Federal Title IV cash management regulations, institutions are required to publicly disclose any contract with a financial account provider that provides Title IV credit balances to students, knows as a Tier One (T1) or Tier Two (T2) Arrangement. Tier One (T1) arrangements are those between an institution and a third-party servicer where the servicer “performs one or more of the functions associated with processing direct payments of Title IV funds on behalf of the institution” and offers one or more financial accounts under the arrangement, or markets an account to students itself or through another entity. Tier Two (T2) arrangements are defined as those between an institution and a bank under which accounts are offered and marketed directly to students.

Nash Community College is currently in a Tier One (T1) arrangement. All disclosures related to these new regulations and banking services contract are below.

Third Party Services Agreements

Expiration Vendor Name Contract Description
Ongoing Heartland ECSI NCC Contract RefundSelect

Total Accounts: 192
Avg. Fee Amount: $0
Median Fee Amount: $0

Academic Year 2018-2019
Total Monetary: $8,534.00

Academic Year 2018-2019
Total Non-monetary: $0