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Graduation FAQs

The following frequently asked questions will help students prepare for graduation.

How many tickets do I get?
The number of tickets per student is based on the number of graduates divided by the number of available seats. Overflow areas in the Building A rotunda and library will be provided for ceremony viewing via closed-circuit televisions for extra guests without tickets.

Can I get any extra tickets?
Extra tickets may be available once the deadline to pick up tickets has passed. Sign up for extra tickets at the front desk in Student and Enrollment Services. Additional tickets will be distributed at graduation practice to those that signed up at Student and Enrollment Services. The amount of extra tickets, if available will be divided equally among the graduates who have signed up for them.

What side do I wear my tassel on before the ceremony?
On the right side.

How long does graduation last?
Graduation normally lasts about an hour.

Where do I line up for graduation?
At the opposite end of building from the receptionist desk in the Business and Industry Center.

When can I pick up my cap and gown?
Caps and gowns will be available for purchase beginning March 27, 2017 in the Campus Store.

What if I cannot make it to practice?
Please e-mail Tammie Webb at to let the College know that you will not be available to attend practice.

Will the graduation ceremony be on the internet?
Yes, click here.

Do infants and toddlers need a ticket?
The Fire Marshall requires all family members and guests, regardless of age, to have a ticket. Therefore, infants and toddlers require a ticket.

Can my family take pictures during the ceremony?
Yes, however your family should not disturb others in the process. A professional photographer will take pictures at the event. The electronic version of the photo will be made available free of charge on the Nash Community College web site.

Can I pick up my degree if I don’t participate in the ceremony?
Yes. You can pick it up at graduation practice (even if you don’t participate in the ceremony) or go by Student and Enrollment Services during office hours.

Can my degree be mailed to me?
No. Degrees may get lost in the mail causing students to have to repay the degree fee.

What do I have to do to receive an honor cord for graduation?
A Red cord denotes highest honors and requires a cumulative grade point average of 4.0, a Gold cord denotes honors and requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.3, a Royal Blue/Pewter cord denotes a departmental award, a Gold sash denotes Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society membership, Gold medallion denotes Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society membership and a Silver sash denotes Student Government Association Board membership.

Where do I find out about graduation announcements and class rings?
Class Rings | Graduation Announcements


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Kathy Adcox
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