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University Transfer curriculum is designed for students who intend to transfer to a senior college for their baccalaureate degree.

Freshman and sophomore level courses introduce students to areas of study that develop breadth of outlook and contribute to balanced development. This training is complementary to, but different in emphasis from, the specialized training one receives for a job, a profession, or a major in a particular field of study.

The curriculum includes courses in communications, humanities and fine arts, mathematics, science, social sciences, physical education, and elective courses in liberal arts. These courses in the University Transfer Program assist students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the political, social, economic and cultural institutions in our society; to develop the ability for critical and constructive thinking, for problem solving, and ordering of values; to maintain good mental and physical health for self, family, and community, and balanced personal and social adjustment; to use basic mechanical, mathematical, and communication skills to solve everyday problems, understand ideas of others, and express ideas effectively; to understand their cultural heritage; to understand the creative activities of others; and to encourage participation in creative activities.

Programs offered

Upon successful completion of the degree requirements, students are awarded the Associate in Arts, Associate in Engineering, or Associate in Science degree.

CFNC Transfer Student Planner

The College Foundation of North Carolina provides a Transfer Student Planner to help students learn about and plan for opportunities for transfer between North Carolina’s colleges and universities.

Nash County Education Network Partnership

The Nash County Education Network (NCEN) is a transfer program for Nash County Public School (NCPS) graduates who plan to continue their education at Nash Community College (NCC), with the educational goal of fulfilling their undergraduate degree at North Carolina Wesleyan University (NCWU).

This pathway ensures that graduates from both Nash County Public School and  Nash Community College are automatically eligible for admission to one of NCWU’s undergraduate degree programs. Tuition is capped at $20,000 in total for completion of both an NCC associate degree and an NCWU bachelor’s degree*. These students are offered access to academic advising and financial aid counseling by NCWU prior to enrollment at NCWU. Participants in the NCEN are offered access to any events on NCWU’s main campus in Rocky Mount, NC, at no cost.

For students who want to transfer from NCC to NCWU, NCWU will: 
  • Admit qualifying eligible NCEN students currently enrolled or having previously graduated from NCC 
  • Accept Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) coursework under the terms of the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities comprehensive and uniform agreements. Under these agreements, 60 credit hours transfer and all general education requirements will be considered as met. 
  • Accept up to 60 credit hours from the Associate of Applied Science (AAS), and up to an additional 15 hours of general education coursework at the 100 level and higher up into one of three categories – major, general education, or elective coursework. These courses will be transferred into the student’s intended degree/requirements at NCWU and students will be advised of the status of their transfer credits through a transfer credit evaluation. In some cases, a student may need to complete more than 60 hours of credit in order to graduate from NCWU.

Interested NCPS students should discuss with counselors for the related Career and Technical Education pathways that are applicable for the NCEN.  

Transfer Specifics  & Eligibility: 

Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS): Graduates with an AA and AS will transfer under the terms of the North Carolina Independent Colleges Comprehensive Articulation Agreement

  • General Studies (Associate in Science tracks) 

Associate in Applied Science (AAS): Graduates of an Applied Science degree in the following three AAS degrees will be eligible for matriculation as juniors, with up to 60 hours of satisfactorily completed AAS coursework (minimum grade of “C”), and transferred in as major, general education, or elective coursework. 

  • Information Systems 
  • Business Administration 
  • Criminal Justice 
  • The number of hours and credits remaining for undergraduate degree completion from an AAS degree will vary 
  • Graduates of NCC’s AAS programs will be permitted to take up to an additional 15 hours of general education coursework at NCC, for a total of no more than 75 hours of transfer credit. 

*Qualification for NCEN depends on a variety of academic and economic factors. To qualify for the $20,000 or less tuition, the student must be in good academic standing upon graduation from NCC. The student must also be full Pell eligible, an NC resident and a commuter student at NCWU.  



Associate in Science Program
June Kearney

June Kearney

Department Chair, Natural Sciences
Building: Science & Technology
Room: 7245
Phone: 252-451-8380
Associate in Arts Program
Kristin Harkins

Kristin Harkins

Department Chair, English
Building: Building D
Room: 4210
Phone: 252-451-8367
Associate in Engineering Program
Kochi Angar

Kochi Angar

Department Chair/Professor, Mathematics
Building: Science & Technology
Room: 7247
Phone: 252-451-8396
Associate in Arts/Science Teacher Preparation Programs

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