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The WIN Academy is a three-week program to educate students on the skills required to be successful in the workplace.

Who is eligible to participate?

Graduating seniors not currently in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or Career & College Promise classes or pathways. Eligibility is open to those students who have not decided on a college or career path.

How do I become a WIN Academy cadet?

Once application to the academy is complete, students will be notified regarding entrance into the academy.

Where will the WIN Academy be located?

On the campus of Nash Community College

Who will teach the WIN Academy?

Academy instruction will be conducted by Nash Community College employees. Businesses that become Academy Partners will also visit the classrooms to assist with instruction and provide exposure to career opportunities in Nash County.

Why should I become a WIN Academy cadet?

Students who are graduating from high school but have no immediate plans to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities can benefit by becoming an academy cadet. In three short weeks, academy graduates will learn practical skills to assist them once they enter the workforce. They will meet local business and industry leaders and learn about local career opportunities. Ultimately, academy completers will be guaranteed interviews at WIN Academy Partner businesses and industries, greatly enhancing the chance to become employed in their career of interest. This training should support graduates in becoming successful in the workforce which in turn should promote retention in their chosen career.

Why should my business become a WIN Academy Partner?

The students the academy will serve is an important renewable workforce resource for Nash County. Businesses will gain exposure to eager potential employees each year. Further, Academy Partners will have priority access to academy cadets by agreeing to interview these ready-to-work young adults. Academy Partners will also benefit from engaging and giving opportunities to a population of employees who are likely to remain in Nash County and thrive here. Partners will also receive information from academy instructors about any cadets showing potential to become leaders within their organization.


A Nash County Public Schools and Nash Community College Partnership


Carla Dunston

Carla Dunston

Dean, Continuing Education
Building: Business & Industry Center
Room: 8217
Phone: 252-451-8324
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